Picking up kids in Maxwell, many years ago.

Picking up kids after graduation, Maxwell, NM

Peg and I were members of the Maxwell volunteer fire department in our years at Maxwell. She for her 8 years there and I for my 10 years. We also had become state certified EMTs having received various levels of training. We were often called out for all kinds of emergencies during our service there from picking up bodies to performing CPR and to transporting the hurt and ill to hospitals in nearby communities. However, one of the strangest was picking up a couple of the kids after their graduation as they picnicked at a local lake.
We were still at school doing the final end-of-school chores that teachers were saddled with when we got the call that there was a wreck on the dirt road out to the lake. We picked up the rescue vehicle from the fire department and headed out. The car had been sent in to town to get more picnic supplies when they lost control on the wash-board surfaced dirt road and went off almost into a very deep water canal. They were saved from possible death by running into a large tree on the edge of the side. They were both injured but the young girl ended up with multitudes of injuries including a broken femur and broken jaw, both discovered after being transported to the Raton hospital (and later to a larger hospital in Pueblo, Colorado.
What makes this whole affair of note is the issue of the ear! Yep, the ear, and this part of our treatment, in a way, covered our catching the fact of how very injured she turned out to be. It seems that as she was thrown out of the suddenly-stopped car her head brushed the side-view mirror on the right and sliced off most of her ear! We knew enough to try and find the missing ear and have the doctors handle the re-attachment. So, several of us adults at the scene and some of the kids began a search for the ear which was found, as I recall, in the armrest.
The girls spent all summer in traction and both her jaw and leg healed. Oh, and her ear; well, it was surgically attached to skin on her head to keep it viable and later successfully re-attached. After all was said and done, this incident ended relatively easier than it could have been.
Not a funny or painless incident but memorable these 30 or so years later!


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