Richard Halliburton and Travels with Me

I collected all of the works of Richard Halliburton that I could find and ended up with copies of a number of his titles. Not that they were important or valuable. Nor, were they too collectable except to me. I “found” him in the Ernie Pyle Junior High library when I was a student there, sometime in the middle fifties. I don’t recall what year it was but about the same time I discovered the LIBRARY! We didn’t have such in elementary school at Old Armijo elementary (built in 1912 as it said on the facade). What a discovery, the library. Almost the same feeling I had when I “discovered” the Albuquerque Public Library on Central near the old AHS. I digress!

I lost all of my Halliburton in the fire in LA in 2000 but Peg has gifted me with a couple of his books that she found. That’s Peg for you, why she is still such a pal! Anyway, Halliburton died/disappeared in the 1930’s trying to reach the new world from Asia on a “junk”. And that was him; going to the marvels of the world and photographing them as he experienced them. Oh, his books; The Marvels of the World: the Orient, the Occident and on. An adventurer starting from the end of WWI on the battlefields of Europe when he dropped out of Princeton ’til his death in the mid ’30s.

So, P, is that it? No, because that’s why I went where I did to places in the world. And I would that I could go to all of them but… least at went to some. I’ll mention some and try to tell of these adventures. Of course you know how I went to see Macchu Picchu in 1965. And I’ll write of that trip through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru another time. But I had to go to Hadrian’s Wall between England and Scotland. Another tale. Oh, and did I mention the Panama Canal where he was the first to traverse the canal, swimming alongside a boat that carried a rifle-toting guard in 1928! What amazing things and places: he rode an elephant following Hannibal’s trip through the Alps; he swam in the pools of the Taj Majal after he hid their overnight; on and on. I learned from his books and travels and tales; of the world, geography, history(sure, his version and of the early 20th century), biased but aren’t they all!; and JUST DO IT!, why, ‘CUZ YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO!   “Shut up and run; shut up and write; shut up and just-do-it”!


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