Thoughts on my blog

A few random thoughts.

Why I have a blog: I guess I’m into a stage of life where I think about my immortality or, rather, my mortality. I have lots of events and thoughts on my past and realize that they’ll be lost if I don’t get them into the “ether” soon. Some of my musings might have an importance, yes or no, but still this is a chance to remember the good and bad, mainly the good.

It isn’t as if I’m ready to leave but, I do realize that my health problems arise partly from my age and partly from my ignorance of self. I don’t want to wait too late!

Now, when does my turn come?

What I mean is, yeah, I know that we ramble on as we get this old, 67 at the moment, and I don’t think that most of what is important today to younger generations is of much interest to yet I spend most of my social time with kids and younger adults and feel they don’t care much for my humor or of my knowledge of things in the recent past. I don’t care much for today’s movies or music – even a lot of literature. And of course my hearing and such preclude me following a lot of what happens but….

So, please let me have my turn to be myself a bit more. And I’m not insulting anyone in particular. In fact, some of my best are people that tolerate me and give my so much of themselves – and I really don’t know why – but I love and appreciate them so much.

But I find that I often onlly want to be with small groups and I don’t want to be at bars or noisy places. I like myself a lot and I can handle myself pretty well now that I understand that my mental state if often a physical thing or a lapse in my self! No, I won’t explain that but I am my own best judge.


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