To my….

Hi, and lots to talk about but may only make a few notes. I’ll write about this one day, when I get back to the blog again, and write of my studies in Mexico in 1974(I think). You mentioned Guadalupe-Hidalgo and I have thoughts, on the town not the treaty; another time for that.
I went to school in Queretaro for a summer session fron NMHU with Jose Pablo Garcia and his wife and son, who was still a lad at the time.
In fact Peg and I spent a lot of time with them in Mexico and later on, in Vegas socializing. But I digress.
So on weekends we, the students from HU and guides, took tours to various places of value including the village of Delores-Hidalgo and the history of the place. The place where the “Grito de Delores” was made.
We also went to Guanajuato, too and spent time with the “mummies” and touring the historically important town. Saw were the early heroes of the revolution were martyred and their heads hung on spikes on the walls of the government building.
By the way, Queretaro was celebrating its 444th anniversary while we were there that summer! Talk about old, colonial towns! This is where Maximilion was killed by firing squard – we toured this place and where we went to bullfights (never go with Peg, she whisles her approval without knowing what that means in other cultures!), and the opal capital of Mexico and on and on. What stuff I’ve got to write about in my blog!!!!
Oh, and then on TV last night I saw a little thing on Stonehenge. Yep, not once but twice did I go. With Peg in 1981 and you couldn’t get very close, especially at that time ‘cuz it was just the summer solstice and all the “nut cases” in the world were there! I went in 1968 or 69 when I drove to England in my ’61 Plymouth Valiant taking the ferry across. At that time we were able to climb all over the stones – believe or not! – and take pictures which I lost in the Cerrro Grande Fire. Try that today!!!! Too many graffiti artists nowawdays as well as people who want to chip a little piece off!
Hey, now that I think about it, I’ll mention one of my favorite places in the world, the British Museum. Lots to say about it later but just one incident now. The real Rosetta Stone sat out to be observed with the admonition to “Do Not Touch”! So, I walked around to the end, the back side as it were, and with my hands on the railing I ‘leaned’ the backs of my hands and touched the lower, rough-cut side quickly so the guard didn’t see me! Had t do it! Sort of reminds me of kissing the Blarney Stone (again, twice, once with Peg and the other when Marilyn and I went to Ireland). I’ve got so much to write about!!!


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