some rambleings on memories

Some rambelings about memories.
I recall a discussion many years ago about first memories. How old were you when you remember things; like were you two or three or maybe even younger. I have many memories and I think they go back to when I was maybe three or so, or even a bit younger. I remember being on ship in either Nov. of ’46 or when we came back 2 ½ years later. This was when the family went to be with my dad in Germany after WWII when he was serving as part of the U.S. occupation army. I remember many, many incidents and views of things from even that early.
My question seems to be is this normal or exceptional? I can conjure up memories of many things in my past or of most things I’ve read or heard or seen on programs. There seems to be no order, rhyme or whatever, either. I think of travels and people and one thought seems to lead to others. If I think of a trip or a city or event then I seem to be able to conjure up the whole story. Again, is this what other’s seem to be able to do. And I remember so many of the things from books and stories. That’s why I like to write of past “adventures” and travels. I’ll start writing and begin remembering the details and go on and on and get side tracked and go on and on…….


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