Another day in Remedios, Provincia de Chiriqui in the ‘bush’.

1964-66 in Remedios with the health clinic people. How I got there is a story I’ll tell at another time. This incident occured one day – dry season I think as we couldn’t have done it in the rain and mud of the wet season – when nought was happening. I got asked to go with one of the guys and help a lady with problems to get into the clinic in Remedios. We went out for a distance of maybe a few “klics – kilometers” to a typical campesion “rancho”, a thatch-roofed affair with really not much of a wall. The woman in question turned out to be prenant and in labor! Oh, did I mention that we were in the campo with no roads, just a narrow and not too sure footpath – and no draft animals available to carry her in? Yep, guess who get’s to do it. Her husband and the two of us. She was in a rope-hammock which was typical for people to use in the campo, these very poor and simple-lifestyle- people. We slung the hammock with her in it onto a quite thick bamboo pole and off we went. Now remember, I was just 21 or 22 and could do anything! At least as long as no one else could see us and what else were we supposed to do! As I always say, “cuz you’re supposed to”! We took turns of being the off-person and journed to the road leading from the highway (the Inter-American Highway in that area of Panama) to Remedios, a several mile trip. We were still a distance from the clinic in Remedios when a car came along and we managed to load her into the car and off they went! Yeah, we had to walk in but that would have been expected. She was ok and delivered with no especial mishaps. Another day in Remedios, Provincia de Chiriqui, Republica de Panama in the life of this Peace Corps Volunteer – 1965.


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