Myrriah Gomez, a work in progress


Myrriah Gomez, A Work in Progress

As an educator I’ve seen so many kids accomplish so much as adults. Nothing to say the many wonderful children they’ve raised, often I’ve been the teacher of these 2nd and even 3rd generation of students and of runners on my teams.

I’ve had students that became teachers, and doctors and dentists and social workers, mechanics and business owners and bankers, athletes and lawyers and used-car sales persons (sorry, it isn’t always my fault as a teacher), as scientists and as police officers and as politicians and as great useful citizens, and the list goes on. My contribution as a teacher is considered a success often if I’ve been able to get them to always spell their name the same every time, and a real success if they learn to spell my name (and thus the use of the Russian diminutive of ‘ Lock’)!

Myrriah Gomez is a success because she is not after success as a goal; to Myrriah success just leads to the next mountain. Earlier this month she climbed the next one in being awarded a three year Ford Foundation Fellowship that will help her reach her P.H.D. in literature. Why literature; literature is often used as a critical view of society. And by studying the literature of a period  the student can learn how the society may be understood. Myrriah studies society and comments on it in her writing today and will continue in the future. This may become one of her great contributions; to teach us about our world and help us understand it.

Myrriah is a 2003 graduate of PVHS. She is a 2007 graduate of Highlands University with a B.A. and a 2009 graduate of UNM with a Masters degree. She is in her second year at the University of Texas at San Antonio on a 5-year teaching and research fellowship for her P. H. D. in literature.

As a high school student she was active in student government, athletics and other school, family and church activities. She was a 4-year athlete at UNM and HU as well as earning her degree and being a teaching assistant her senior year. With her great credentials she was awarded a teaching fellowship at UNM and earned her Masters. Again, her great credentials as a graduate student earned her the 5-year award at UTSA. Now on top of all her other laurels she has been awarded this Ford Foundation Fellowship. This will pay her a yearly living stipend and pay her tuition and fees at UTSA while she finishes her research and writes her doctoral dissertation. All of this from this little girl from El Rancho who loves her family, her home, her church and her Northern New Mexico heritage.

Myrriah is the silly little girl I’ve known for many years. She ran cross country for Pojoaque Valley High School teams for 5  years. She was a leader in sports and a leader in school. She is a very intelligent student who sees her whole world and understands this world and knows she is supposed to contribute to it and to change it for the better. She is not compelled in her endeavors just to succeed. Rather she follows a path that is the normal route for her in reaching for whatever is “next”. She won’t be finished in 3 years with just her P.H.D. but rather she will just be getting started to what she will see is next.

Myrriah runs races and trains for marathons because she can, and she goes for every goal because she can; and she is supposed to. Anyone can stand and watch but she is this wonderful little girl who knows that she must go out and find the next mountain to climb.  The saga of Myrriah Gomez is to be continued by Myrriah. But take note to not blink your eyes for too long, she moves at a terrific pace!


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  1. almadelagitana Says:

    Lockee, this is the nicest, most awesome thing anyone has ever written about/for me!! Thanks for this, and thanks for everything. You are the best, and your love and support continues to mean the world to me! You will always have a special place in my heart. ❤

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