Where I’d like to be for Christmas

Where I’d like to be for Christmas

I want to be in Northern New Mexico for Christmas. I love being here with the cold and the snow and the mountains and hills covered in white.
I love being here so I can go to a Pueblo on Christmas morning and enjoy the celebration dances; and the thoughts they engender in me of the day.
I love being in Santa Fe and the lights and farolitos and cold and snow. I enjoy going into stores and noting the smell of red chile.
I enjoy the biscochitos and tamales and empanadas and all the foods and drinks of our Christmas here in
I enjoy the aura surrounding my friends (which seems to be everyone I meet anywhere at this season) as they greet me with a ‘feliz navidad’.
I love the lights and farolitos of Espanola on Christmas Eve. I like being in Santa Fe for the decorations on the Plaza and along the Canyon Road area – and everywhere else in Santa Fe!
Oh, did I mention the smell of fireplaces and burning pinon wood? Ahhh!
I think I too love to spend money at this time of the year and buy candy and cookies and gifts for others; and of course it is an issue of ego as it makes ME feel so good – and that’s called the Spirit of Christmas!
I love the Posadas in the Plaza in Santa Fe on the Sunday evening and singing carols and food and drink in the Museum of the Palace of the Governors.
I really, really enjoy the Mass and Posadas at the little mission churches like at Truchas (thanks Therese, for taking us there a few years ago!) and the really special true feelings of brotherhood and religion of the season.
Yep, I love being here, home, in Northern New Mexico for Christmas!


One Response to “Where I’d like to be for Christmas”

  1. almadelagitana Says:

    Love it!! That’s where I want to be, too! And for all the same reasons!

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