I’m not a skeptic about religion and my personal relationship to God. I’m a cynic about how our world treats religion today in this election world we are in.
I used to make a little joke about churches, the building and, I guess, even the institution. As we would walk the streets of Las Vegas NM and would pass a church edifice I would say that we had to watch what we said lest it enter into the building and we would offend the “church”; that is if the door were open. If the door was closed then it was ok ‘cuz God couldn’t hear us! And of course that is so far off of my own personal belief in God. I really don’t fear a “wrathful” God else we’d all be long gone to Hell a long time ago! No, our God has to be quite a person (Guy! Gal! – crap, whatever!). And this is the God of my choosing; the God I like to pray to; the God that has to be so very, very forgiving ‘cuz we seem to really mess up so much. Gosh, just looking at this particular election season and all that is being said and done in the name of religion (not God, oh by the way!) I can see how a lot of people/politicos/analysts/and so on would really be in deep trouble messing up what should really be an election and not a comment on their personal (and mixed-up) religious beliefs were God to take them seriously. Why in the world people don’t take on my account of religion in the world is beyond me!
For instance, I don’t ever subscribe to a belief that fanatical zealots who claim to know the word of God as they appear on the pulpit, the television, the news shows, the paid for TV shows on every channel, the state houses and even the U.S. Congress have any real idea of how God means for us to interpret the word of the Bible. I mean, most interpretations are just that; interpretations of a book that has been translated to fit a personal agenda or dogma (are they the same?). I went to Sunday School (at Edith Street Baptist Church (with the approval of my Jewish Mom, another story, ok?) and Sunday services and I did read the Bible and listen to the sermons and, my Heavens, I’m just not sure they were always correct! I mean, if the stories were anything other than myths and just, stories, to prove a point, than the biblical world sure didn’t look anything like our world. And the people of the Bible didn’t look like our people!
So how do I know that something is wrong? Well, I just listen to the crap coming from the mixing of politics and morals and religion and societal relations to what I believe our world should be then I know why I’m right and somebody is wrong! Another’s religious beliefs cannot be allowed to determine family matters, or marriage, or taxes, or freedoms, or contraceptives, or military engagements, or political elections, or how I live my life in private! If the religious institutions want unjustifiable privileges such as freedom from the same taxes I must pay then they must subscribe to conditions that restrict them from intrusion into the freedoms that a society must hold dear!
Freedoms: to learn what is proper by what our standards are; to teach what is proper to succeed in the secular world; to have family relationships based on our standards; to separate completely from interference from secular laws; to not gain political power, monetary gain, nor undue influence due to the very special part they hold within our world.
God has not endowed any individual or group of today with special rights, insights nor privileges beyond Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – and were they to exceed what is limited to them then they must be held to account. I know all about God; and if you are in doubt yourself or are in error in your beliefs then please, by all means, check with me! I do have the answers and by the way, they are quite obvious and simple!


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